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Classes can be scheduled and managed using "smart calendar technology" in which teacher can send invites to the class seamlessly. teachers can make their day more productive by combining students having similar doubts and addressing them in one go. this feature also allows teachers to accept classes as per their availability. teachers can spend more time in improving the content rather than addressing repetitive doubts.


The teachers will get top premium features that any high end education platform provides in online education system. the platform replicates the real class room scenario by giving "Bi-Directional interaction mechanism" in which ai is used to understand the learning curve of a student & display using high end graphical representation. Teachers can access processed feedback based on the student's learning curve and can improvise the course by adding more contents.

Premium content creation

Premium Teachers are now not far. Not only knowledge, but they also change the way you think on a concept. Get a chance to learn from premium teachers who were inaccessible before. Explore new methods that help you to think out of the box. Get extra help from subject matter experts of ChalksnBoard.

Your Students
Your Content

Move away from shared content. Now your students will learn from your own personalized content. Teach hassle free and your own course for lifetime. Chalksnboard introducing a new way to teach. Ask us How.

Reach Students
Any time any Where

Now your students can learn from anywhere as they learn in Classroom. There will be no barrier between you and your students even when you are not available. Ask us How.

Go live

The platform provide best of class medium for teaches to go online & interact with their students. teachers can take Live sessions and engage the full class seamlessly. they can also do individual student's doubt session to clear any concept. this enables teachers to connect with students remotely at any time using this platform. hassles related to common platform are taken care with "No Disturbance Technology" implemented in the platform.

Test series

Test Series is no more set of questions you solve during an exam. We analyze your minor details and link your performance with your learning to raise your success index. We guide you on timelines before examinations to raise your probability to succeed in any competition.

Get advertised

Get advertised and teach a pool of more than 700000 students who want to learn from you

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Simplest way to start your learning. Experience it now by joining our courses. Feel free to contact us. You are the key player. You and your students are just a click away from experiencing world class teaching tools at ChalksnBoard. We are offering you a free demo and set up for your online classroom. No hassles, No security deposits, Just a click

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