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Why Modern Corporates invest in our Ai integrated LMS

ChalksnBoard helps Corporates to digitize all their learning needs with the power of Ai integrated technology. Digitize your Inductions, get your trainings online and ensure smooth Knowledge transfer for core employees serving notices.


We develop personalized custom learning app for employees and vendors. It is dedicated as per the company's need. Our dedicated media services enables world class content.

MIS Dashboard

Our Ai Analytics help corporates to figure out talents within the organization. Skills can now be accounted for and can help in appraisals and increments without error.

Content Digitization

We help our Corporate partners to develop custom inductions as per requirements. We setup an in-house green room studio to Co-create world class explanatory videos.

Partner Learning

“80% of Participants don’t implement more than 20% of concepts taught in training”. We digitize all major external training which stays forever and make them 100% effective.

Paid Trainings

Corporates can ask for customized training and get flexible subscriptions for courses as per their requirements in their custom learning app developed by ChalksnBoard.

Move Out To Person Dependent To Process Dependent


Institutes can partner with ChalksnBoard to Co-create and launch varities of Ai integrated diploma or certification courses for students who want to learn online or in hybrid mode.


Our app processes the Video courses in the form of Concept data Packets. With our technology, we bring AI guru to cater unlimited participants & their doubts without boundaries.


Our AI Analytics allows all participants with accurate Feedback during their engagement. Educators get complete Information, so classes become extra effective.

Content Digitization

It is not easy for Educators to use modern technology so it is difficult for them to compete online. Our team works with educators to co-create hybrid courses.


A friend explains much better than a teacher. So we have introduced Digital Group Study, where friends can come together to learn, share doubts & discuss.

Test Series

We provide cheating proof exams for different courses, and the results are analyzed to evaluate the student's weaknesses & strengths, accuracy & learning health.

Why ChalksnBoard Services?

Affordable Technology

We believe, education should be accessable to all in affordable options. While designing courses we always try to keep the pricing as best as possible for learners. We have come up with processes that can keep the implementation charges low.

Professional Media Team

With 10 Years of Expertise in media handling, ChalksnBoard offers a unique service to setup and run greenroom for creating world class content inside the client's location.

Customization of Service

We provide high end customizations and develop AI solutions to meet all needs of a modern day education system. We develop personalized custom learning app for educators and institutes. It is dedicated as per the needs and requirements.

What We Do?

We offer end to end services to meet all digital learning needs required by any modern organization.

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