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Image Management

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Language : English Sub Title : NA Class : 11th &12th

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Anyone who wants to make a stronger first impression and have an effective presence should take this course on image management. It is mostly directed towards young adults and professionals who have recently started their careers. The appearance, behaviour, and communication components of image management are the main topics of the course. We discuss the influence of the five components of design—line, shape, colour, fabric and texture, and patterns—on people's initial impressions and perceptions. Additionally included are aspects of grooming, etiquette, and vocal and visual communication that significantly impact how people form opinions.

Course Specification
40 Chapters
10 Notes
7 Test series
0 hours 00 min
Course Syllabus
Contents:-Optimizing Your Professional Image,Image Management - Persuasive Communication,Managing Image - The Influence of Clothing &Image Management -Strategic Color Usage
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