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About this course
Language : English Sub Title : NA Class : 11th &12th

1. Introduction to French Language:
An overview of the French language and its importance in global communication.
Introduction to the French alphabet, pronunciation, and basic greetings.
2. Vocabulary and Expressions:
Building essential vocabulary related to everyday life, such as numbers, colors, food, and family.
They are learning common expressions and phrases used in various situations.
3. Grammar Fundamentals:
It is understanding the basics of French grammar, including verb conjugation, noun genders, and sentence structure.
Introduction to articles, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions.
4. Conversational Skills:
Developing the ability to hold simple conversations in French.
Practicing asking and answering questions on familiar topics.
5. Reading and Writing:
Reading comprehension exercises to improve understanding of written French.
Writing exercises to practice sentence formation and basic paragraph construction.

Course Specification
38 Chapters
10 Notes
7 Test series
-2 hours 19 min
Course Syllabus
Basic French Grammar
Day, Time, Date in French Language
In this chapter,you will learn about days and months.
French numbers 1-100 pronunciation
Vocabulary in French
French Greetings
Basic Grammer (Part 3)
Who is it? What is it?
In this chapter you will learn about time.
In this chapter you will learn about coleur,Les légumes and Les Fruits
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