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Chemistry for NEET by Rajesh Sir

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About this course
Language : English Sub Title : NA Class : 11th

A crash course by 20 Years of Experience, a faculty of P&K Institute, Patna. He is a well known face among NEET aspirants and has taught in well established institutes of India.

Course Specification
22 Chapters
10 Notes
7 Test series
24 hours 16 min
Course Syllabus
In this chapter, we will learn how the right strategy and approach can affect the preparation of NEET.
This chapter will teach you about Stoichiometry, a field of chemistry concerned with the application of the rules of definite proportions.
Atomic Mass Unit
Molecular Constitution
Constitution of Atoms
Atomic mass & Atomic Number
Isobar, Isotones & Isomers
Isodiapher, Radioactive-Isotopes, Isoelectric, Isosteres
Gram-Atom, Molecule & Ions
Avogadro's Numbers
Language of Chemistry
Mole concept
Volume of gas
Ideal gas
Measurement of Pressure
Measurement of temperature
Molar value of gas at STP
Molar value of gas at NTP
Value of R in different unit
Density of gas
Numericals of the above chapters
Explained in brief about %age composition in the compound, molecular formula, etc.
Percentage composition of gaseous mixture
Percentage composition of solution
Percentage composition of alloy
Determination of density of liquid mixture
Emperical formula & Molecular formual
Law of Limiting Reagent
Stoichiometry for Series of Reaction
Salt is an ionic compound that contains a cation (base) and an anion (acid). It is present in large quantities in seawater, where it is the main mineral constituent. Salt is essential for animal life and saltiness is one of the basic human tastes. Salt is an ionic compound that has a cation other than H+ and an anion other than OH– and is obtained along with water in the neutralization reaction between acids and bases.
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Senior faculty of Chemistry in mentor eduserv.

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