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Communication and Presentation Skills

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About this course
Language : English Sub Title : NA Class : 11th &12th

What you'll learn
Express ideas clearly and persuasively
Engage audiences effectively
Deliver impactful presentations
Develop effective speaking skills

Skills you'll gain:-
2-verbal communication
3-Public Speaking

* Business Email,Communication and Presentation Skills

Course Specification
39 Chapters
10 Notes
7 Test series
0 hours 42 min
Course Syllabus
Contents:-Fundamentals of Effective Communication,Fundamentals of Effective Communication & Verbal Communication. Unlock the power of effective communication with our comprehensive Communication Skills course. Discover the art of clear and concise expression, active listening, and building rapport. Develop strategies for overcoming communication barriers and conflicts. Through interactive exercises and real-world scenarios, you'll sharpen your verbal and written communication abilities, empowering you to succeed professionally and personally in today's dynamic world
Contents:-Foundations of Presentation Skills,Organizing your Presentation,Mapping Out Your Presentation &Strategies for Overcoming the Anxiety of Presentation Skills.
Contents:-Basic Training in Business Email Etiquette.Business Emails-Establish a Framework for Success,Greeting in an Email & Email Formatting
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